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​Magen David Sephardic Congregation (MDSC), founded in 1966, is a Modern Orthodox synagogue centrally located to serve Jewish families from Bethesda, Rockville, and Potomac - the Maryland suburbs of our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

We invite you to come pray or learn with us. Our distinctive Sephardic character is a source of inspiration for us, but membership in MDSC is not exclusive. Our membership is diverse and a biseleh Yiddish is not out of place.

Our mission is to create a welcoming space to celebrate our religion and our culture, to preserve our Sephardic heritage, and to share it with members and friends. We open our doors to all levels of Jewish knowledge and observance. Explore your personal and spiritual growth here, supported by our warm and inclusive community.


Today's Calendar

: 7:00am
: 6:30pm
Candle Lighting
: 8:20pm

This week's Torah portion is Parshat Korach

Shabbat, Jul 2

Candle Lighting

Friday, Jul 1, 8:20pm


Motzei Shabbat, Jul 2, 9:21pm

Fast of Tammuz

Sunday, Jul 17
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The 1st 100 days

Here's a look at what your Board of Directors & community volunteers have been up to in the past 100 days. Our commitment to service, Torah, and transparency will continue to guide us as we develop more programming for our valued current and prospective members. It's never too late to get involved! Kindly contact Andrea by phone (301) 770-6818 or email to find out about volunteer opportunities and join our efforts in the next 100 days!



Weekly Torah Portion

Parashat KORACH   |    Numbers 16:1 - 18:32 

Levite Korach ben Izhar, along with Reubenites Dathan and Abiram, incite a mutiny. They ask why Moshe and Aaron have set themselves apart from the community, as the entire congregation is holy. Korach and his fellow mutineers stand at the entrance of the Tabernacle and summon the people to join them.

Standing with them are 250 elite members of the community, who offer the ketoret (incense) to show they are worthy to be priests.

HaShem reveals his plan to annihilate the evildoers. Moshe and Aaron beg HaShem not to punish the whole community. They are told to stand back. The earth opens and swallows Korach and his household. A fire consumes the ketoret-offerers. Their fire pans are melted and used to make plating for the altar, a sign that only Aaron and his descendants may offer incense.

HaShem warns of a plague upon the people, who continue to question the leadership of Moshe an Aaron.

To avert the threatened plague, Aaron offers the ketoret properly. His staff miraculously blossoms and brings forth almonds. His designation as high priest is thus affirmed.

The Levites are assigned to Aaron to aid the priests in their performance of sacred duties. HaShem commands that the priests be given a terumah from each crop, as well as firstborn sheep and cattle.



Get Involved and Be Inspired!

Fri, July 1 2022 2 Tammuz 5782