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Welcome to our synagogue!

​​​​Magen David Sephardic Congregation (MDSC) is a Modern Orthodox synagogue founded in 1966. Our building is ideally located to serve worshippers from Bethesda, Rockville, and Potomac (Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC).

Our distinctive Sephardic character is a source of pride for us, but membership in MDSC is not exclusive. Visitors may hear not only “Welcome” but “Bienvenue” and “Bienvenidos” – and from our many Israeli members, a hearty “Shalom”. In this diverse and vibrant environment, a biseleh Yiddish is not out of place.

A more welcoming, caring congregation you won’t find. We think our energy and devotion will inspire you to share in our prayer services and learning sessions.

We invite people of all levels of Jewish knowledge and awareness to explore their personal growth here, supported by others in this warm, outgoing community. Magen David is the go-to gathering place for Jews of all ages, backgrounds, and perceptions.

We hope you will explore this website to learn about the life of our community and the breadth of our mission. If you're not already on our mailing list, it’s easy to sign up. Just send a request to our executive director, Andrea Choobineh, at

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: 6:50a

Upcoming Programs & Events

Friday Night Dinner
Friday, Nov 15 5:45p
Jews of the Caribbean
Tuesday, Dec 10 7:00p

This week's Torah portion is Parshat Vayera

Shabbat, Nov 16

Candle Lighting

Friday, Nov 15, 4:37p


Motzei Shabbat, Nov 16, 5:33p

Shabbat Mevarchim

Shabbat, Nov 23
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Parashat HaShavua      VAYERA          Bereshit 18:1 - 22:24

Abraham, seated in front of his tent, is visited by three angels. Sara laughs when she hears them say she will bear a son in spite of her advanced age and that of Abraham.

Abraham argues with HaShem about the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot attempts to bargain with the lustful Sodomites.

Lot and his family flee Sodom, aided by the angels, and Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed. Lot’s daughters scheme to become pregnant by their father.

God warns Abimelech that Sara is not Abraham’s sister and she is returned to her husband. 

Isaac is born. Sara tells Abraham to send Hagar away. God tells him to do as she asks. 

Hashem tests Abraham, asks him to take his beloved son, Isaac, to Mount Moriah and bind him on the altar, an event we know as the Akidah.

Yemenite Night

With over 200 attendees, MDSC's Yemenite Night was a rousing success! Guests enjoyed food, film, music and more, celebrating Jewish life and history in Yemen. Keep an eye out for more cultural celebrations in the coming months.




Thu, November 14 2019 16 Cheshvan 5780