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​Founded in 1966, Magen David Sephardic Congregation (MDSC) is a Modern Orthodox synagogue centrally located to serve Jewish families from Bethesda, Rockville, and Potomac - the Maryland suburbs of our nation’s capital, Washington, DC!

We invite you to come pray or learn with us. Our distinctive Sephardic character is a source of inspiration for us, but membership in MDSC is not exclusive. Our membership is diverse and a biseleh Yiddish is not out of place.

Our mission is to create a welcoming space to celebrate our religion and our culture, to preserve our Sephardic heritage, and to share it with members and friends. We open our doors to all levels of Jewish knowledge and observance. Explore your personal and spiritual growth here, supported by our warm and inclusive community.

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This week's Torah portion is Parshat Yitro

Shabbat, Jan 22

Candle Lighting

Friday, Jan 21, 4:57pm


Motzei Shabbat, Jan 22, 6:01pm

Shabbat Mevarchim

Shabbat, Jan 29
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Weekly Torah Portion

Parashat Beshalach    |     Exodus 13:17 - 17:16

HaShem leads the B’nai Israel out of Egypt by way of the wilderness, moving before them in a pillar of cloud during the day and in a pillar of fire by night. He warns Moshe that Pharoah’s heart is hardened once again and that the Egyptians will give chase.

Although Pharaoh has given permission for the people to leave Egypt, he orders his armies to chase them and force them to return. They find themselves trapped between pursuers and the sea. HaShem tells Moshe to raise his staff above the water; the sea splits, allowing the Israelites to pass through, but it closes over the Egyptians’s chariots. When they see that Moshe is a true leader and their release from bondage is complete, the B’nai Israel sing a song of praise to HaShem. Miriam leads the women in a dance of celebration.

In the desert the people suffer hunger and thirst, and they complain to Moshe and Aaron. In response, HaShem sweetens the waters of Marah. Later Moshe brings forth water from a rock by striking it with his staff. HaShem rains manna from the heavens before dawn each morning. In the evening quails appear.

The people are instructed to gather a double portion of manna on the sixth day, as none will descend on Shabbat. Those who disobey, going to gather manna on the seventh day, find nothing. Aaron orders that a small amount of manna be preserved in a jar to inspire future generations.

In Rephidim the people are attacked by the Amalekites. Joshua raises an army and Moshe stands on top of a hill with his staff. When he raises the staff, the battle proceeds in favor of the Israelites; when the staff is lowered, the Amalekites prevail. Moshe’s arm grows tired, but Aaron and Hur stand by his side and support his raised arm until the Amalekites are vanquished.

Moshe erects an altar on the site, knowing that war with Amalek will recur throughout the ages.   

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Wed, January 19 2022 17 Shevat 5782