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Magen David Sephardic Congregation offers a variety of outstanding educational opportunities for members of all ages. Regardless of their level of religious knowledge, participants in these thought-provoking events emerge with greater appreciation for the Torah and Judaism. Programs that draw inspiration from modern history, societal interaction, and current events are part of the study plan.

Jewish learning for children is a priority for us. Children from toddlers to pre-teens take brief part in our Shabbat morning services following the Torah reading, and they accompany the Torah on its journey from the readers' desk to its home in the aron ha kodesh.

Children's programming is targeted to having fun while learning both Hebrew language skills and Sephardic customs and traditions.

Adult programming is focused on information sharing, and on lively presentations that will help participants grow as individuals while exploring their Sephardic heritage and serving the broader community. 

You can learn more about each of our study areas by visiting the links below.

Be sure to check our calendar for an updated schedule of study classes, lectures and special events taking place at Magen David.

Adult Education

The value of education throughout the lifetime of every person is strongly imbedded in Jewish Culture. Sephardic Jews have historically placed a strong emphasis on Torah study, and Torah learning is the cornerstone of MDSC's adult education curriculum.

Lectures, debates, discussion groups, formal study sessions, Hebrew classes and other learning opportunities are broad-based, designed designed to enrich our members’ spiritual and intellectual growth. 

MDSC offers thought-provoking classes for adults on such varied topics as Israeli social and political affairs, spirituality, music, chesed (acts of loving kindness), tikkun olam (repairing the world), and Sephardic history. Classes are taught by guest speakers, clergy, and knowledgeable members and friends of the congregation.

Magen David is a house of study for Jews of every tradition and at every level of personal growth and Jewish learning. Be sure to check our calendar frequently for a comprehensive schedule of new and ongoing adult learning opportunities.

Talmud Torah


Young people in our Sephardic Roots Talmud Torah program acquire a deep sense of love for Sephardic traditions, as well as for the eternal values of Torah, by which we strive to live our lives. Children from ages 5 to 15 develop strong connection to the unique heritage of their families, to their fellow Jews, and to the State of Israel. The sessions, combining focused study and fun activity, convey Judaism's importance and relevance to modern life. Children are fortified by the narrative of our past and future, and strengthen their pride in their Jewish identity.

Sephardic Roots Talmud Torah provides an excellent stimulus for a young person’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation. For older students who have passed beyond that ritual, our classes are designed to sustain and deepen their interest in Sephardic culture and learning.

Parents from Ashkenazi backgrounds who hesitate to enroll their children, believing, perhaps, that the classes are too narrowly centered on Sephardic customs and interpretations, should have no fear! MDSC members with Ashkenazi roots have praised the sessions for the way in which they have inspired in their children love of Judaism with all its breadth and diversity.   

Classes are for boys and girls 5-15. The Talmud Torah curriculum includes:

  • Learning Sephardic melodies for prayer on Shabbat and holidays
  • Reading the Torah and Haftara with Sephardic ta'amim
  • Celebrating Jewish holidays and understanding essential Jewish values
  • Exploring Torah commentaries from various sources
  • Designing and undertaking tzedakah projects

 For questions about our program, please contact the office at 301-770-6818 or  

Rabbi's Classes

Do you have an idea for a topic, a speaker, or a series that you don’t see? Be in touch and let us know what you’re thinking. We’d love to hear from you!

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