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People often ask, how different is Sephardic liturgy?

Sephardi and Ashkenzai Jews share precisely the same tenets of Judaism.  Differences arise in customs and liturgy. Although Sephardic and Ashkenazi liturgy uses the same basic prayers, Sephardim use a decidedly oriental cantillation when they pray and read the Torah. 

Melodies differ from synagogue to synagogue, as they often reflect the countries and cultures of their congregants’ origins. At Magen David, it is customary for the Torah reader to use a cantillation that reflects the background of the person honored with an Aliyah. This applies to Ashkenzai honorees as well.

We hope you’ll join us at an upcoming service, either during the week or on Shabbat. Prayer times for the week are listed below.

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Parshat Vayishlach

Shabbat, Nov 24

Candle Lighting

Friday, Nov 23, 4:31p


Motzei Shabbat, Nov 24, 5:29p

Shabbat Mevarchim

Shabbat, Dec 1
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Tue, November 20 2018 12 Kislev 5779