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Daily Minyanim


Jewish tradition teaches the value of daily prayer and contemplation. Our three daily minyanim provide respite from the day's material involvement. 

Morning minyan members experience the intimacy of prayers recited in the company of caring friends, affirming the value of tefilla b'tzibbur, communal prayer. Those suffering recent loss or who wish to mark the azkara (yahrzeit) of a loved one will find reciting Kaddish with us both comforting and spiritually rewarding. We earnestly welcome visitors and out of town guests who wish to perform this mitzvah of kevod hamet with us. 

Sunday through Friday, the morning Shacharit service begins with korbanot at 6:50, and hodu; the first kaddish is around 7:00. Preliminary prayers, the Shema, the Amidah follow. On Mondays and Thursdays, the Aron Ha-Kodesh is opened and Torah passages are read. We typically complete Shacharit by 8:00 am. Those who must arrive late or leave early are welcome. We have spare tefillin and tallitot for guests.   

Afternoon prayers (mincha) are offered just before sunset (shkiah); a brief moment of learning from the Pele Yoetz precedes our evening (arbit) tefillah. Start times vary with the advance of the calendar. Times are updated on this page and elsewhere on this website. Or call the office at the number shown below.

Wed, May 31 2023 11 Sivan 5783