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Daily Minyan

Prayer is the central component of the Jewish experience. Our tradition teaches us the value of devoting time each day to prayer and contemplation. At Magen David, our daily Minyan is a spiritual interlude that brings members of our community together and imbues them with a positive attitude at the start of their day.

Sunday through Friday, members of the morning minyan meet to pray together, joining spiritually with Jews worldwide. Members and guests experience the intimacy of prayers recited in the presence of valued friends and companions.

The minyan is important to each individual, but it is also a way to fulfill the important mitzvah of supporting others who are reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish. Members may have suffered a loss in the recent past, or they may wish to say the Kaddish during each year to mark the yahrzeit of a loved one. The morning minyan assures that participants are able to recite the Kaddish in a supportive environment. 

In addition, the Shacharit service includes preliminary prayers, the Shema, and the Amidah.  Mondays and Thursdays, the Aron Ha-Kodesh is opened and Torah passages are read.

Wed, January 19 2022 17 Shevat 5782