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MDSC cherishes an obligation to strengthen the bonds between and among all generations. Our commitment is to transmit Jewish values, rituals, traditions, and history to our children and grandchildren. Our youth study groups learn not only the basic tenets of Judaism, but also the unique and cherished history and customs of the Sephardim.

Maintaining the community ties that support this Jewish value is not easy.  Psychologists refer to the “silo society,” in which we interact only within our own age groups -- children with school friends, parents and grandparents with their own peers.

After retirement we are especially unlikely to involve ourselves in multi-age groups. The retirement-age silo can be a place of loneliness and isolation; age stereotypes can impede attachment to younger family and friends.

MDSC is a place of multi-generational vitality. We make a place for children in our prayer services, in social events, and in classroom learning. Older members are mentors for school age children, and often assist in bar and bat mitzvah instruction; teens and young adults provide technology support to older adults. Our volunteer community service teams invariably include members of all ages.

The closeness of our congregation is built on young people providing support to our elders, and elders helping young people achieve the characteristics that make Jewish life fulfilling. We’re proud that it works both ways.   

Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyyar 5784