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Children's Service

During a portion of the Shabbat services (usually between 10:30 and 11:15 am), children ages 3-12 are invited to take part. The children lead the    singing of Yimloch Adonai L’Olam that follows the Torah reading, and they join the processional through the sanctuary as the Torah scrolls are returned to the hechal. 


Prior to and after their time spent in the sanctuary, children enjoy their own special Shabbat program, led by Julia Rothman. The program is structured to include: 

  • Shabbat prayers and songs
  • Interactive parasha discussions
  • Special kids' kiddush
  • Creative games designed for fun as kids become familiar with simple Hebrew and with child-centered religious practice  

The special "kid time" learning and their activity in the sanctuary combine to gain children a strong foundation in Jewish religious experience.


Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyyar 5784