Events at Magen David

Farewell Aleppo Book Talk


Thursday, March 23, 7pm

Journalist Claudette Sutton tells the powerful story of Selim Sutton, a merchant with centuries of roots in Syria where Jews had lived for more than two thousand years. During the powerful surge of anti-Semitism in the 20th century, it was clear that the family had to find a new home. Sutton’s poignant narrative blends her family’s life with the broader story of a people’s survival in both native lands and far away countries. With several young children and little prospect of obtaining enough visas, Selim Sutton devised a plan to bring his family to a new life in America. The author shares an important, and nearly forgotten, epoch of Jewish history, and explores universal questions of identity, family, and culture. 

This program is open to the public - $5.00 admission


Weekly Classes with Rabbi Ovadia


You're sure to gain new insights if you attend one or all of Rabbi Ovadia's weekly classes:

  • - Daily following Shaharit, approx. 8am
  • - Thursday Nights, 7:00 pm   
  •  -Shabbat before Minha  

These classes are free and everyone in encouraged to attend.