Holiday Schedule

Rosh Hashana is right around the corner on September 24th. Have you sent in your High Holiday seat forms?  Please make sure to get your forms in on time as this year's services at Magen David promise to be inspiring and climactic.
New this year, members may bring their single adult children or grandchildren for free (18-26 yrs old).

Member Seat Form

Non-Member Seat Form


September 29-October 2

5:50AM                      Selihot

7:00AM                      Shaharit

October 3rd  – Erev Yom Kippur

6AM                           Selihot

7AM                           Shaharit followed by Hatarat Nedarim/Kapparot

2PM                            Early Minha

Candlelighting 6:29 or before travelling to synagogue.

6:30PM                      Kal Nidre and Arvit

October 4th  – Yom Kippur

7:30AM                      Shaharit

12:30PM                    Mussaf followed by Yizkor

3:30PM                      Minha

5:30PM                      Neilah

7:26PM                      End of Holiday/Shofar Blowing/Havdala


October 8 Erev Sukkot

6:00PM                      Minha/Arvit Eruv Tavshilin

October 9 Sukkot

8:30AM                     Shaharit

6:00PM                     Minha/Arvit (light candles from a pre-existing flame not before               


October 12

8:00AM                     Shaharit

October 13 & 14

6:45AM                      Shaharit