Holiday Schedule

  Pesah 2015 Service TimesPlease note: Our tradition is not to wear tefillin on any of the days of Pesah, including Hol Hamoed.

Friday April 3 - Erev Pesah/Fast of the Firstborn

6:15AM Daf Yomi
7:00 Shaharit followed by Siyum
11:00 Last Time to Eat Hametz
11:59 Last Time to Benefit From or Own Hametz
6: 30 PM Minha/Arvit of Yom Tov
7:15 PM Candle Lighting
8:07 PM Earliest Time to Start Seder

Saturday April 4 - First Day of Pesah

8:15AM Shaharit
6:45PM Minha/Arvit
Second Seder not before 8:08 PM
Light candles from a pre-existent flame not before 8:08PM

Sunday, April 5 - Second Day of Pesah

8:15AM Shaharit
7:00 PM Minha
Havdala/Yom Tov Ends  8:15PM

Hol Hamoed Pesah Monday To Thursday  

Shaharit 6:45AM 

Thursday April 9 - Erev Shevi'i Shel Pesah

Shaharit  6:45 AM
Minha/Arvit of Yom Tov 6:30PM
Candle Lighting 7:31 PM

Friday April 10 - Shevi'i Shel Pesah

Shaharit 8:15AM
Minha/Arvit  6:30PM
Light Candles from a pre-existing on 7:22 PM

Saturday April 11 - Aharon Shel Pesah

Shaharit 8:15AM
Minha/Arvit 7:00 PM
Havdala/Yom Tov Ends 8:23

All hametz sale forms are due to the office by 7am on Tuesday, March 31st.  

They can be faxed to the office at 301-881-0498.